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Chalmers University of Technology was founded in 1829 and offers PhD and Licentiate course programmes as well as MScEng, MArch, BScEng and nautical programmes.

Around 10,200 people work and study here. Research at Chalmers is performed within 100 departments and divisions and ranges from mathematics and natural sciences through to engineering, industrial sciences and community development.

Chalmers is involved in approximately 150 industrial and educational projects within the EU.

The development of a sustainable society
The High Temperature Corrosion Centre (HTC) is a Swedish national competence centre jointly sponsored by the Swedish Energy Agency, Chalmers University of Technology and eighteen member companies. HTC is committed to the development of a sustainable society and carries out technologically relevant research with emphasis on understanding fundamental phenomena and processes.

About HTC
HTC encompasses practically all fundamental Swedish research in its field and involves about 10 PhD students and a number of senior researchers acting as their supervisors. Since 2002, 15 PhD students have received their degrees within HTC and about 100 refereed papers have been published.

SOFC and chromium vaporisation
HTC are international leaders in research on chromium vaporisation and high temperature oxidation of FeCr steels. Work within HTC has shown that chromium vaporisation is a key process in the high temperature corrosion of FeCr alloys in the temperature range of interest in SOFC applications (600-850ºC).

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